american shorthair pawAmerican Shorthair Cat

american shorthair paw


American Shorthair retired

GC RW Lancelot of Milla’s Kat

retires american shorthair catLancelot is an American Shorthair Cat that’s super sweet and loves attention and purrs for hours. His nickname is “Casanova” because he is so gentle and smooth with the girls he had the pleasure of being with.

Lancelot was born August 3, 2012 and has lived a life without any medical issues. He is healthy, strong, and loves to play.

He is an American Shorthair Cat that’s now retired from breeding and is available to the right home for adoption. He should go to a home with children, he loves them, or folks with a slower lifestyle. He loves to snuggle and sleep on your lap. He is hardness trained and loves to go for walks. When he gets excited he gives a high pitch chirp that’s incredibly cute, our only cat that does this.

He does not spray.

He will be checked by our vet to make sure that he is in perfect health condition. Please call us for for more information on this gorgeous ball of fur.

American Shorthair retired female

CH Catalina of Milla’s Kats

Retired American Shorthair catAnother gorgeous American Shorthair Cat, Catalina, who was born December 17, 2014. She is retired from breeding and she’s been a super cat. We call her “Nerves of Steel” because nothing phases her. She is independent, doesn’t get into trouble and loves to watch birds for hours sitting on the window or by the screen door.

She american shorthair kittenshas lived a very healthy life but she doesn’t like cold weather. She will be spayed and our vet will check her to give her a clean bill of health.

Catalina is an excellent example of how the American Shorthair Cat should look like. Round head, round and green eyes, muscular and short wiry coat.

She should go to a home with other pets, dogs, birds, cats, you name it. She is also hardness trained and she loves to go on car rides.available american shorthair kittens

Please call us to inquire on this gorgeous girl.