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American Shorthair Kittens for Sale

american shorthair kittens for sale

A good representation of our American Shorthair Kittens. These kittens are four months old and from five different litters with different sires; as you can see they are almost clones of each other which is an excellent sign of a well planned breeding and pair selection. We strive to breed to the highest standards outlined in the CFA and TICA guidelines.

As American Shorthair Breeders we have a responsibility to produce the breed standard and raise healthy kittens that will enjoy a healthy life with their families.

We have American Shorthair Kittens for sale that meet all these standards and we continually strive to improve.

american shorthair kittens for sale

We are American Shorthair Breeders based in Southern California. Our kittens are sociable, friendly and healthy.

silver tabby kitten with food all over face
"Yummy, yummy, yummy"

Our babies are raised on raw meat which they typically start eating as early as four weeks and continue throughout their life.  Since cats are carnivorous we feel that this is the best diet they can be raised on and as a result they grow to be very healthy and strong.

"Let's play ball..."

Once in a while we may have a retired adult looking for a forever home. To see what may be available, please click this link Available Adults to see some of our gorgeous American Shorthair Cats that might be retired.

"Let's play..."

The best way to get a kitten from Milla's Kats is to reserve a kitten. Please check with us to see what's available and inquire how to make a reservation on our upcoming litters of American Shorthair Kittens for sale.

We are located near Temecula, the Napa Valley of Southern California. We service all of California and surrounding states.

We also provide personal courier service anywhere in the United States and select foreign countries. We do not ship via cargo.

brown tabby american shorthair kitten
silver tabby american shorthair kitten

For more details on our American Shorthair Kittens for Sale please visit our Policies page or contact us, we are always available to answer any questions.

available kittens

Below are some adorable videos of our American Shorthair Silver Tabby babies. All of these Silver Classic Tabby babies are now with their forever homes enjoying life to the fullest.  Our American Shorthair Silver Classic Tabby kittens for sale can be reserved for a nominal refundable deposit (restrictions apply). For more information on our Available Kittens please contact us.

A good representation of our American Shorthair babies, healthy, fat, and mama's that are incredibly attentive.


Two gorgeous six week old kittens.

Member of the CFA Breeder Referral program.

The International Cat Association
The International Cat Association
The american shorthair Cat