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Category: American Shorthair Kittens

american shorthair female cat

American Shorthair Facts

The American Shorthair is a medium to large cat. It arrived in America by early settlers. They brought them to keep mice and rat...
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COVID-19 and Companion Pets

By W. Jean Dodds, DVM on March 15, 2020In the wake of the news about a dog from Hong Kong possibly having COVID-19, Dr. Dodds and...
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The Wuhan Coronavirus and Companion Pets

By W. Jean Dodds, DVM on January 26, 2020 The new and novel coronavirus outbreak spreading throughout Wuhan, China – and now...
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Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke!

According to researchers, more than 1/3 of adults can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attacks if they own a cat. Scientists did a...
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american shorthair silver tabby kitten

Your Responsibility to your American Shorthair Breeders

We talk a lot about what good American Shorthair breeders are expected to do for you. We require them to health test their breeding...
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american shorthair champion

American Shorthair Kittens - The Perfect Combination

If you're ready to add one of our sweeties to your house, please fill out our Online Kitten Application form to submit an application...
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