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“American Shorthair kittens trio.”

“Dinner Time”

“American Shorthair mysterious paw.”

“American Shorthair kittens wrestling.”


Lover Boy, a gorgeous boy who loves to be petted and picked up, but loves to play hard.

Lover Girl, a true lover who loves to cuddle and purr.


“Grass is greener on the other side…” so it seems. Bora Bora though she has a full dish of food, she wants the food that’s inside Inzhyr’s kennel. This is a daily ritual for her.


Milla’s Kats American Shorthair girls having a nap while licking each other.


The two queens having a short spout that ended with a licking session. Both of these excellent pedigreed queens are at the Milla’s Kats Cattery.


Milla’s Kats American Shorthair queens practicing their acrobatic skills. We have high quality kittens for sale.

american shorthair kittens

Two gorgeous females with inviting eyes that just can’t resist getting a hug.

american shorthair breeders

Bora Bora of Milla’s Kats streching

american shorthair breeders

Our handsome boy Lancelot of Milla’s Kats going for an afternoon walk.

american shorthair breeders

Lyudmila and Bora Bora of Milla’s Kats at the Del Mar cat show winning a final under Judge Gary Veach.

american shorthair kittens

Bandit, guarding her favorite toy.

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